New Launch Site Found

A new launch site has been found, and an insurance certificate has been obtained and sent to the landowner. We are in the process of planning our launch calendar for the coming few months. Please stand by for publication of the new launch calendar.

Photos and video from April 12th Launch

A great day for a launch! We had warm weather and light winds for the morning, at least. The grass is low and recovery was easy this time of year. Photos:

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ORG Launch April 12 2015

A beautiful spring day with light winds in the morning. It's a great time to launch because the grass is low and recovery is much easier.

Dario recoded this on board his LOC Iris:

LOC Iris on G79-Smokey -12 Apr 2015 from Dario Sciola on Vimeo.

Daniel provided the following video of Dario’s launch:

Launch today, March 29th, 2015, a success!

Today was a nice spring day. Although it started out cold we had bright sun and light winds. We had a good turn out with the usual hardy Winter launchers present.

A few interesting events, as with every launch, Greg P almost lost his postage stamp rocket in a tree, John C has a nice CATO which we caught on camera, and Bill G has a nice new zipper on his LOC IV.

Check out the picture album. ┬áHere’s video of just a few launches: