2018 – 2019 Contest: “Project Pool Noodle”

The Rules:

All rocket entries must have rocket body tubes that consist mostly of a common pool noodle. Any commercial Pool Noodle will do.

Any other material can be used for other parts (fins, nosecone, etc) as long as the majority of the body is made from a Pool Noodle. Pool Noodles are often found in Dollar stores.

Rocket motor(s) MUST be Black Power motors (e.g. Estes, Quest) and must be no higher than an E class in total impulse.

The judging will be based on the coolness of the rocket. This can be any combination, of looks (originality in building, originality in design) or actual flight results (stability, height or even instability (IE “Rollie” points)).

Members may enter more than one rocket in the contest.


The contest will be a year round affair, culminating in a vote by members present at the clubs annual general meeting (AGM). The entrants do not have to be present at the AGM in order for their rocket to be eligible for voting, but the rocket must have flown at least once during the year at an ORG launch in order to be eligible.

The flights do not have to be ‘successful’ in order for the rocket to be eligible.

Voting will consist of every member at the AGM voting for one first place, one second place and one third place winner. First place votes will garner 3 points, second place votes will garner 2 points, and third place votes will garner 1 point. The winner will be the rocket that has the most points after tallying all the member’s first, second and third place votes.

Prize: There WILL be a prize.

ORG contest coordinator